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WeChat For Computer Download - How to Instal WeChat on PC

WeChat For Computer Download - How to Instal WeChat on PC - Download WeChat Android Messenger Application For Windows Xp, Windows 7,8 PC.
Introduction , or what is WeChat

Mobile messenger Wechat from his first appearance in January 2011, quickly gained popularity among the Chinese people . If there are parallels , the closest " relative » WeChat'a can be considered well-known WhatsApp. However , in addition to text messages , the Chinese have added to their program a host of other "bells and whistles ":• voice messages , the function is quite popular among the Chinese people , on personal observations , the traffic is used quite sparingly. The new versions have appeared video ( and audio ) calls.• « Moments " and " Circle of Friends " , a local Instagram - photos , statuses , "likes ", comments . " Fallaway " only those who are in your contact list.

"Likes " and comments from others, even photos of your friends are not visible ( though not quite Instagram)• Find people nearby, finding those who are with you at the same time shaking the phone, "a message in a bottle" - its text or voice message can be run in the " swim " through the " Seas » WeChat'a ( or read the "message " of the other , that each times are chosen randomly) .• Integration with QQ, some of the other services of the same Tencent ( another "Twitter service » Tencent Weibo, QQ Mail), as well as Facebook ( the latter, considering blocking Facebook in China, looks pretty funny) . Let's know more about how to download WeChat For Windows OS.

WeChat For PC

 Initially, the program promoted by purely Chinese name Weixin («mikrosoobscheniya", the Chinese and now its so called), in October 2011 there was a translation in English (as well as Indonesian, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese and Russian), and from April 2012 "Weixin »was replaced by a more understandable for a foreigner« WeChat ».
Available on all platforms, Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Symbian. Registration is available in three ways: binding to a phone number, a QQ account or via Facebook Connect.
Also, using WeChat can receive offline messages from QQ ( though, from personal experience , this feature until it works is not ideal ) .• Another set of smaller extra features.

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WhatsApp for PC Download, WhatsApp for Computer Windows 7 XP Vista 8 Mac OS

WhatsApp for PC Download, WhatsApp for Computer Windows 7 XP Vista 8 Mac OS - Download Whatsapp Messenger for Computer Free.
Whatsapp For PC : WhatsApp is a program that is designed to give a more advanced alternative to text messaging than SMS.To begin, we will tell you how the program works . WhatsApp to create an account , using only a mobile phone number. The contact list is automatically generated for that he only has to scan your phone book in the mobile phone . Of course, the list of contacts WhatsApp will get only those numbers whose owners have been using this program. However, WhatsApp and remember those numbers that are not in its database of registered users, and over time, if one of your friends sign up for this application, then WhatsApp on your computer will automatically add it to your list of contacts.

The advantages of this approach are significant , since the registration is almost instantaneous and the most simple, there is no need to invent a nickname , do not have to wait long authorizations and manually transfer your contacts.Why WhatsAPP to your computer for free?Clicking on the pin will open a window to allow the text of correspondence with him. Near avatars contact ( which was also imported from the phone book ) is the time of the last times , when contact was online. And on top there are buttons to select emoticons , and use of the investment . During Chatta can use functions such as inserting images, video or audio , or even publish a contact card, and location information . There are quite a specific function, which allows you to create voice response bored with the question, " Where are you? ' .
Hide WhatsApp Last Seen Time

WhatsApp for PC Download Free

With WhatsApp for computer, you will always be sure that you sent the message exactly reached the addressee , since this , a special control system , which in the case of successful delivery , put next to your message tick . Moreover, now you also can find out and , if the recipient has read your message , it uses a similar system that will put a second check mark next to your message when it is read. Of course, for some people, such features will seem small things , but if you're a fan of communication through chat , you'll probably even occasionally ask questions, read the message to your partner ? And if not, then maybe it does not come to him ?

With WhatsApp on your computer you will get a guaranteed answers to such questions.What good is a computer program VatsApp ?The interface WhatsApp very harmonious and comfortable. He performed in bright colors , and gives you the ability to change only the background of the chat window . By the way : using WhatsApp you will be able to use chattovuyu conversation with several people.Of course, the degree of benefit from the use of WhatsApp instead of SMS is directly proportional to the number of your friends that are using this program.

WhatsApp for Windows Computer

If such a couple , the charm of the program and you can not feel , however, if such majority , then you'll save a bunch of money that would be spent on SMS- correspondence with them ! It should also be noted that in order to check for messages you do not need to make special checks , WhatsApp for PC it makes itself fully automatically and notify you if any of the new message in your address.

Download Whatsapp For PC Free for Windows Xp 7 8 Vista Mac OSX

Download Whatsapp For PC Free for Windows Xp 7 8 Vista Mac OSX : Popular service WhatsApp, which allows users to send free text messages and send each other photo / audio / video content , in addition to the mobile platform on which it originally appeared , and is available to computer users . Today we'll show you how to install WhatsApp on Windows PC or Mac.

WhatsApp Messenger for Mac OS X

Before you download the program itself should acquire Android emulator for the PC that allows you to run mobile applications on a computer. The utility is called BlueStacks and you can download it here for free. At the moment the list of supported applications and games is not very large, but it gradually expands, and functionality is brought to mind.
Extra : Hide Last Seen Time in WhatsApp

The installation procedure "WhatsApp Messenger" pretty simple, but can not seem designed and comfortable , however , it consists of 5 steps:
Step 1 : Start BlueStacks for your version of the platform and hammer in the search : "WhatsApp Messenger" ( without the quotes).
Step 2: Start the installation of WhatsApp Messenger. To successfully complete the procedure, you will need an account Google Play. Enter your details upon request ( it will have to do twice).
Step 3: After re-introducing -mail address and password again use search and find "WhatsApp Messenger".
Step 4: Continue to follow the instructions on the screen and when the last messenger is downloaded , run it .
Step 5: Enter a valid mobile number , to receive a one-time SMS- password (available as an option Call Me, through which the password will be pronounced voice.)

Download Whatsapp For PC Free for Windows Xp 7 8 Vista Mac OSX


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